Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port for 2016+ Focus RS

Brand: Turbosmart

Product Code: TS-0203-1064

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The TurboSmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port VR08 Blow-Off Valve has been designed to handle high boost pressures, and to improve both on performance and durability. The factory blow off valve is made out of plastic which can be prone to failing and leaking. Overtime, the factory plastic blow off valve can become brittle, and start cracking and come apart. And because the turbo is tuned to produce 23 PSI from the factory, it is already stretching the limits of the factory BOV. 

With that said if your factory blow-off valve is damaged and leaking, you risk premature wear and tear on the turbo as it is working harder to flow enough boost to hit target numbers. The KIompact Shortie has been fabricated from billet aluminum and contains a brass piston that is strong and light. Every Kompact Blow-Off Valve is individually matched  with the right piston which promotes precision fitment which eliminates the need for an O-ring to seal the body against the piston. This gives the tblow-off valve greater durability and quicker responsiveness.

This particular blow-off valve can be plumbed back into the factory system for a quiet operation, however you can also have it vent to the atmosphere. The sound will be low at lower boost levels, and higher as the boost level gets. This is a direct replacement that requires no need for custom fabrication or special tools. 

Hardware and a vacuum fitting will be included to help with installation.