QUIK-LATCH QL-38 Lockable Hood Pin Kits

Brand: Quik Latch

Product Code: QL-38L-LP

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The newest in hood pin offerings from Quik-Latch! Based on customer feedback and multiple requests, a lockable push button hood pin kit that is sized and priced directly between the QL-25 series Mini Quik-Latches and the larger full size QL-50 series hood pin kits is now available!
Designed with the import performance market in mind, the QL-38L series lockable hood pin kits deliver the same push button function that you've come to expect from Quik-Latch Products while retaining serious holding ability that is required of hood pins. The reduced physical presence of the 38 series hood pin kits ensures a clean and unassuming look that will blend in with your overall build.
How the lock mechanism functions: The latch release button is prevented from being depressed with the lock in the 'locked' position. Once the lock is turned 90 degrees counterclockwise to the 'unlocked' position, the release button can be depressed to disengage the latch. Re-engage the pin into the latch and turn the lock counterclockwise 90 degrees to lock the latch and prevent the possibility of the release button being pushed.
You've spent thousands upgrading your car's mechanical, electrical, body and paint. Why install a hood pin made of substandard materials that could rust after just a few years? Go with Quik-Latch hood pins and make the finishing touch to your project car representative of the pride you have in your ride!