Porsche 911 991 Spec SSR SP1 20x9 +41 / 20x12 +37 5x130 Gold Face Polished lip (Special Order)

Brand: SSR

Product Code: SSR SP1

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$4,600.00 4,600.00

Porsche 911 spec SSR SP1’s.

  • SSR SP1 20x9.0 5x130 +41 Offset Medium Disk Touring Gold Wheel
  • SSR SP1 20x12 5x130 +37 Offset Super Low-Disk Touring Gold Wheel
  • 4x SSR Racing Flat Center Cap Black B-Type PCD 108~130 (SP4 / MS3 / SPX)
  • Spoke stickers and Valve stems are all new in the boxes.


We ordered these wheels 1/4/2022 and received them late April. Unfortunately, both front wheels had minor shipping damage which we were forced to have fixed as there was no other alternative at the time. 1 Wheels had a small chip, the other had a small flat spot. We took the wheels to a local rim repair shop who was able to fix both, un noticeable to the naked eye. The wheel with the flat spot does still show slightly on the balance machine when looking overhead but would not show once a tire has been mounted. Both wheels balanced out perfectly as they should and its unfortunate that we were not able to use them for the car intended. With the repairs in mind we are offering these wheels at $4000.00 shipped. Retail would come in at $4320 for the wheels + a 4-6 Month lead time and the Center caps, which are now discontinued, add an additional $160. We do have before pictures of the damage that was repaired so if you are interested please send us a message and we will be happy to respond.