IAG Spec Competition Clutch Tripple Disk Clutch$ Flywheel Kit for STI 6 Speed

Brand: IAG Performance

Product Code: IAG-DRV-3100

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$2,299.99 2,299.99

The IAG Spec Competition Clutch Triple Disc Clutch & Flywheel Kit is designed and developed for the 2004-19 Subaru STI 6 speed racing applications. The clutch package balances straightforward engagement with high power and torque capacity, making it our go-to clutch for racing.

The CCI ceramic triple disc clutch kit features a reduction in rotational mass by incorporating a 4140 forged flywheel and a 7.25" 6061 T6 aluminum cover that is complemented by a 6150 steel diaphragm. To facilitate smooth engagement and greater track reliability the package includes a complete push-style clutch conversion kit. The kit eliminates the OEM pull style system and includes a new push style throwout bearing, clutch slave cylinder, hard lines, seals, hardware and bracketry.


  • (x1) Triple Disc
  • (x1) Flywheel
  • (x1) Throwout Bearing
  • (x1) Clutch Fork
  • (x1) Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • (x1) Hard Fluid Line
  • (x2) Copper Seals
  • (x8) Flywheel Bolts
  • (x1) Clutch Alignment tool