Fortune Auto Generation 6 500 Series Coilovers For Toyota Supra 1993-1998 (JZA80)

Brand: Fortune Auto

Product Code: FA500-JZA80

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GENERATION 6 UPDATES 35% greater range of damping adjustment Generation 6 models benefit from an upgraded jetting assembly. In previous generations the orifice bleed holes were hand drilled. Generation 6 bleed holes are now CNC machined allowing for more consistent damping adjustments between shocks. Furthermore flow of the orifice bleed holes has increased and a re-designed jetting assembly is used, this yields a 35% increase in damping force adjustment. Providing the user with a shock that has more performance and adjustability. Revised CNC machined components New CNC machined adjustment knobs replace the outgoing cast molded knobs. These new machined adjustment knobs are hard anodized and more aesthetically pleasing. Updated shaft end caps are now lighter and showcase a more elegant design. More upgrade options