ETS Non Resonated Stainless Steel Mid Pipe for 2015+ WRX/STI

Brand: ETS

Product Code: 200-30-EXH-005

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The ETS Mid-Pipe is a performance enhancing modification designed to increase horsepower and torque while improving throttle response as well as reducing turbo lag. This is achieved through smooth mandrel bends that limit exhaust turbulence and backpressure under acceleration to allow the turbo to react faster under throttle. Additionally, the increased piping diameter allows better flow throughout the entire exhaust system that creates a more aggressive sound. 

This mid pipe has been designed with high-grade stainless steel materials that will provide your vehicle with years of performance, and exhaust hangers are welded onto the stock location to make this exhaust component a direct fitment without the need to further modify the body or chassis. Additionally, exhaust gaskets, a v-band clamp, as well as the miscellaneous hardware will be included to make this mid pipe ready for installation.