Cobb Tuning Front Mount Intercooler Kit Black for 2002-2007 WRX/STI

Brand: Cobb Tuning

Product Code: 712500-BK

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If you have performed moderate modifications that exceed the limits of your top mount intercooler, then this may be a good time to upgrade to the COBB Tuning Black Front Mount Intercooler Kit. This front mount intercooler kit has been designed to greatly reduce the air intake charge for the turbo which improves cooling efficiency and reduces the chances of heat soak. If you performed modifications such as a turbo-back exhaust system, upgraded injectors, or increased boost numbers from a larger turbo or even converted to E-85, then your power can be held back by the factory top mount.

The core of the COBB unit measures at 30" X 10.35" X 3.5" and it is a bar and plate design that is capeable of supporting up to 800 WHP. With that said, this is a great intercooler option for those of you with built blocks and rotated kits, but more than efficient for those of you with basic bolt-ons. Additional features include aluminum 2.5" pipes that have been designed with smooth bends that reduce air turbulence under boost for quick delivery to the turbocharger. The pipes are powder-coated a wrinkle black finish.

To support the core, COBB supplies you with a really strong support beam which is also powder-coated black to be corrosion resistant. To keep the pipes together, a set of black silicone couplers with worm clamps are included. All of the required hardware will also be included to make this intercooler kit ready to install.