ACT Xtreme Performance Street Sprung Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel 2006-2014, 2015+ WRX

Brand: ACT

Product Code: SB11-XTSS

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If you have a built block with a rotated turbo setup, then it may be time to upgrade to the ACT XT Performance Street Sprung Clutch Kit. This clutch holds up to 51% torque capacity over the factory clutch, so roughly around 510 ft/lbs of torque. This clutch features ACT's Xtreme Pressure Plate which use an exclusive diaphragm design which increases clamp load, reduces deflection, and promotes better clutch life. Additionally, these diaphragms have gone through a four-stage heat treating process for long lasting performance.
Included with the pressure plate is the Performance Street Sprung Disc. This disc has been made with premium materials with high copper content for efficient heat transfer. This also allows for faster shifts with a smooth operation. This disc goes hand and hand with the ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate.
Also included is the XACT Streetlite Flywheel. This flywheel is a forged and CNC machined one-piece flywheel that is lighter than the factory flywheel. This means less rotational mass will be had at the crank which will allow for faster revs, and more horsepower and torque. This flywheel can be utilized for both street and race use.
These are the main ingredients of this clutch. Other components include a new release bearing, new pilot bearing, and finally an alignment tool to help with installation.