Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooler Kit for 2015+ WRX w/ Black Piping

Brand: Turbo XS

Product Code: W15-FMIC-BLK

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The TurboXS 2015+ Subaru WRX Front Mount Intercooler Kit might be the single best modification you can do to your 2015-2016 WRX. One of the biggest keys to making consistent power in a 2015+ WRX is managing the intake manifold temperature. This is an issue when the WRX is bone stock and becomes an even bigger issue when you start to modify it. The stock top mount intercooler simply isn’t up to the task. After just a few minutes of hard driving, the small, overworked TMIC quickly becomes heat soaked. Intake manifold temperatures rise quickly and power output drops off even more quickly. The power drop is not just due to the hotter, less dense air coming out of the intercooler but also because the WRX ECU logic will actually start to reduce ignition timing as intake manifold temperatures climb. Reduced ignition time directly reduced power output. You could replace the stock TMIC with an well-designed aftermarket TMIC. While they are certainly much better than the stock TMIC, our testing shows that even they can only delay the inevitable intake manifold temperature increase that comes from having a small intercooler core sitting inside a hot engine bay.
Enter the TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler for the 2015+ WRX. The bar and plate core is 28 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 3.75 inches thick and absolutely dwarfs the factory TMIC with over 80% more frontal area, 172% more volume, and a massive 225% more thermal mass. With our FMIC installed on our 2015 WRX, intake manifold temperatures stay constant even after repeated pulls to redline. With the TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler, inconsistent power output due to sky-high intake manifold temperatures is a thing of the past! See our test results below that shows datalogged Intake Manifold temps using a Cobb AccessPort on the same car on the same day on the same stretch of road back-to-back with the factory TMIC, the TurboXS TMIC, and the TurboXS FMIC: