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The Tomei ARMS MX8265 Single Scroll Turbocharger. This is Tomei's latest design that features a new CNC billet compressor wheel.

Here are the key features:

  • Billet design is a major improvement over traditional cast compressor wheel
  • Machined from aerospace grade materials
  • Thinner blades with a larger surface area for improved airflow and turbo spool
  • Multi-Rate Billet Actuator
  • Large capacity
  • Reinforced forged billet construction
  • Includes 6 springs for fine boost adjustment
  • Swivel-type nipple allows more room for routing hoses
  • Supports up to 450 HP
Additional info:

  • Journal bearing
  • Compressor wheel inducer: 54.8mm
  • Compressor wheel exducer: 76.2mm
  • Compressor wheel trim: 52
  • Compressor wheel blades: 6
  • Compressor housing inducer: 55.8mm
  • Compressor housing exducer: 41.5mm
  • Compressor housing A/R: 0.78mm
  • Turbine wheel exducer: 58.8mm
  • Turbine wheel inducer: 67.0mm
  • Turbine wheel trim: 77
  • Turbine wheel blades: 11
  • Turbine housing inducer: 45.0mm
  • Turbine housing exducer: EJ
  • Turbine housing A/R: 0.57mm
NOTE: A silicone inlet hose is needed when using this turbo as the inlet is slightly larger than stock.