Stoptech ST-40 Big Brake Kit Front 355mm Red Slotted Rotors for 2008-2014 WRX

Brand: Stoptech

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$3,400.00 3,400.00
There are many reasons why a big brake kit is a satisfying modification to your vehicle. And the Stoptech ST40 Kit is the big bad wolf of brakes, and will outperform your OEM units.
These will perform on both the track, as well as the street. On track, your factory brakes can get over worked, and eventually the pads can fade, and allow you to lose driver feedback. The Stoptech ST40 kit is a 355mm, 4 piston caliper that you will notice in many aspects.
Initially the difference can be felt in the brake pedal feedback with shorter travel, and firmer feel as the car stops much faster, with a shorter distance. The caliper has been designed to hold more heat under extreme conditions, and the rotors come slotted to expel gases and excess pad dust.
The ST40 Kit will come with stainless steel lines that will not expand under pressure, and they are compatible with most brake fluids.

Included in the kit are:
• 2 4 piston calipers
• 2 mounting brackets
• 2 slotted rotors
• 2 stainless steel lines with hardware
• 4 brake pads

In conclusion this is a direct-drop in big brake kit. The mounting brackets will mount in the factory caliper provisions allowing you to install the whole kit on a weekend afternoon. These particular brakes are powder-coated a gloss red for heat and corrosion resistance.