South Bend Clutch Stage 3 Drag Clutch Kit For 2006+ WRX / 2005-2009 Legacy GT

Brand: South Bend Clutch

Product Code: FJK1001-SS-DXD-B

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This is the South Bend Stage 3 DRAG Clutch which has been designed to handle heavily modified monsters and it has been intended to function to the needs of those of you who live a quarter mile at a time. The pressure plate that is included in this kit is an SFI approved Race Cover that has been engineered to disengage with less pedal travel which will help shorten the shift time. 

The disc included in this kit is a puck design which will help reduce rotational mass, and they are assembled with all high carbon component pieces to promote maximum strength. The friction materials used are graphite impregnated ceramic that is perfectly suited for drag racing because of its maximum friction co-efficient, rapid heat dissipation, and abrupt engagement characteristics. 

Although this particular clutch is intended for drag racing, it is also suitable for drifting, as well as pulling.

Aside from the pressure plate and the disc, a new throwout bearing, and clutch alignment tool will be included to make this clutch kit ready for installation. 

Crank Torque Capacity: 525 ft/lbs