South Bend Clutch Stage 2 Daily Clutch Kit For 2004+ STI / 2007-2009 Legacy Spec B

Brand: South Bend Clutch

Product Code: FJK1000-HD-O

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$917.50 917.50

The South Bend Stage 2 DAILY Clutch Kit has been intended to be a strong clutch for those of you who have bolt-on modifications that exceed the power limits of the factory clutch kit. With that being said, the Stage 2 DAILY features a Heavy Duty Pressure Plate that has an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. 

The disc included in this kit has organic material that has a high metal content that will increase the coefficient of friction that is twice as much when compared to the stock lining which increases rotational strength with up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. Additionally, this clutch kit still maintains a stock feel while providing more strength and durability. 

This clutch kit is recommended for daily use, street use, as well as moderate race use. Aside from the pressure plate and the disc, a new throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch alignment tool will be included to make this clutch kit ready for installation. 

Crank Torque Capacity: 495 ft/lbs