Seibon Carbon Fiber C Style Trunk for 2008-2015 Evo X

Brand: Seibon

Product Code: TL0809MITEVOX-C

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$1,160.00 1,160.00

Save weight, and improve the appearance and aerodynamics of your vehicle with the Seibon Carbon Fiber C Style Trunk. Seibon is a well-known brand trusted and employed on many professional race teams on a worldwide circuit, and they are utilized by the everyday grassroots racer. Carbon fiber just adds a cleaner and more pronounced look that will complement the exterior of your vehicle and will work well with any other exterior alterations you have on your vehicle such as canards, vortex generators, wind splitters, etc. Seibon uses high-grade carbon fiber materials to produce their products which are strong, lightweight, and add both function and value to your vehicle. 

This carbon fiber trunk is a great option for those of you who opt for the more streamlined and cleaner wingless look which is perfect for those who drag race and want to eliminate wind drag and extra downforce that is caused from the factory rear wing. And it gives the vehicle a more conservative look on vehicles with stock or modified suspension. 

The Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk will come in a glossy carbon fiber finish that will look great as it comes, or get it paint-matched. Additionally, this trunk will come ready for installation as users will be responsible for transferring the original lights and locking equipment onto the new trunk.