Quarter Master Twin Plate 7.25" V-Drive Clutch + Flywheel for Evo 8 / 9 (6-Speed)

Brand: Quarter Master

Product Code: 298XXXRY / 226063RYS / 309507 / 509543 / 740165 / 710042

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This clutch allows for faster shifting based on the reduced rotating weight and smaller diameter discs. You will be able to shift faster than you ever imagined was possible with your old single disc! The only downside to this beast is the engagement as it can be quite harsh until you get used to it!

This unit includes the pressure plate assembly, clutch discs, lightweight flywheel, pressure plate hardware, and hydraulic release bearing to convert your Evo's clutch system from pull type to push type. The only other things you need to complete the install is transmission/transfer case fluid and an alignment tool!