Mishimoto Performance Top-Mount Intercooler w/ Charge Pipe (Red/Wrinkle Black) for 2015+ WRX

Brand: Mishimoto

Product Code: MMTMIC-WRX-15RBK

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Mishimoto has developed the Performance Top Mount Intercooler and Charge Pipe System to supplement the modifications you have performed that have surpassed the limits of the factory top mount intercooler system. Once you start adding a larger exhaust, bigger injectors, and up the boost, then you could be putting the factory top mount in danger of heat soaking. This will basically hinder and put a hold on the performance potential of the rest of your modifications so you're not making optimal use out of them. 

The Mishimoto core is larger which provides better surface coverage for lower charge intake temperatures for the turbo. Once installed, users that have a stage 2 tune have seen upwards of a +15WHP and +8TWQ increase in power. Additionally, those with the same tune have been seeing a 35° temperature drop when compared to the factory intercooler. 

This intercooler core has been fabricated from aluminum, with durable cast end tanks that are TIG welded to the bar and plate core. Included is a larger air duct which has been designed around the contours of the intercooler for proper air flow. Also included is the Mishimoto Charge Pipe that has been designed with smooth bends which reduce air turbulence under boost for a smooth transition in power. This charge pipe has been crafted from aluminum and will come powder-coated red to add a cleaner look to the engine bay. The intercooler core will come in a heat-dissipating powder-coated black finish as well. 

Silicone couplers, as well as the required brackets and hardware will all come with this intercooler kit to make it ready for installation.