Killer B Performance Oil Pan & Pickup & Baffle EJ Series

Brand: Killer B Motorsport

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ur V2 Performance Oil pan is designed to reliably meet the demands of high performance Subaru Engines used on street or track applications. Oil Pan holds an extra 1.4 quarts of oil, +30% increase in capacity over OEM.

The ULTIMATE OIL PICKUP uses a .12” thick double bracket, 3X OEM oil pickup tube thickness and a brace between bracket and oil pickup tube to further strengthen the assembly. This is a super duty, engineered solution. No other vendor has anything this rugged available, although I’m sure it will be copied.

Features and Advantages of the Killer B Motorsport Windage Tray / Baffle over the OEM piece:

• Closed rear section to prevent oil from sloshing into the crank under hard acceleration and aggressive shifts.

• Block contoured profile to minimize oil returning from the heads interfering with the crank.

• Directional louvers prevent oil in the pan from splash/sloshing into the crank.

• Low profile design to control windage and strip oil from the crank immediately to reduce oil “roping” on the crank.

• Improved oil entry to the pan/pickup to help prevent oil starvation.

• Made from stainless steel for long life, durability and corrosion resistance.