Killer B Air/Oil Separator Kit for 2002-2007 WRX/STI

Brand: Killer B Motorsport

Product Code: GD-MV3S-C

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After years of being asked to develop a Killer B Motorsport Air/Oil Separator, we are proud to announce the release of our GD version. In that time there has been a lot of research, engineering, simulations, development, and rigorous testing over many seasons, exposed to environmental extremes, and driving conditions (daily driving, auto-X, drag racing, dyno testing, etc.), as well as on stock engines and those exceeding 700whp.

The goal of this product is simple, the removal of oil (in liquid or vapor form) from vented crankcase gasses. This is accomplished by using a design that has no restrictions; media or baffles, to reduce the flow potential of the crankcase and head vents. The benefit of this is improved evacuation of crankcase gasses; better ring seal, reduced oil consumption and improved power potential. 

The Killer B Motorsport Air/Oil Separator functions with a vacuum source from the turbo inlet. Drain back design assures that any oil accumulation returns to the oil pan, providing a consistent oil supply to the engine. Six stainless steel bolts on the top, make it quick and easy for inspection and cleaning. It is not heated and we see no reason to add unnecessary cooling/heating (weight, complexity, increased install time, and increase probability of something leaking). The Killer B Motorsport Air/Oil Separator should meet and exceeds your expectations of form and function. Our Air/Oil Separator is a product that enthusiasts have been waiting for.


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