HKS GT Super Charger System w/ ECU Package for Subaru/Scion BRZ/FR-S/86

Brand: HKS

Product Code: 11001-KT001

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$4,560.00 4,560.00

If your desire for more power levels surpasses every normally aspirated modification that you can think of, then it may be time to go to the dark side. This is the HKS GT Super Charger System that comes with the ECU Package. When it comes to making enough horsepower that your body is embedded into the seat, HKS is the answer. If you find yourself on a journey to find true happiness, HKS will bring you enlightenment. When you need to shave off a few seconds from your lap time to beat that one guy who knows nothing about cars and just bought a supercar, HKS will get you there.

This supercharger kit comes with everything needed to bolt straight into your vehicle. This includes a front mount intercooler with intercooler pipes with all the required silicone couplers and clamps. Also included is a pulley, oil cooler, brackets, betls, coolant overflow tank, along with every single bracket, nut, and bolt needed for installation.

The heart of this supercharger kit features the HKS GT27040L supercharger that spawns from decades of research and development currently utilized by HKS. This supercharger features HKS's proprietary pro-drive system. All of HKS products are produced and manufactured in-house at their facility in Japan, this includes the turbo manifold, oil cooler, lines, everything. And HKS provides ECU calibration to tailor to your gas type, elevation, as well as driving style. These calibrations have survived 100° weather in Death Valley, to fridged temperatures in Michigan. The calibrations are provided with a reflash tool that comes pre-loaded with three different calibrations for 91 octane, 93 octane, and E-85.

Once installed, users have made up to 250WHP on the 91 map, 270WHP on the 93 map, and 320HP on the E-85 map.