HKS EVC6 IR 2.4 Boost Controller

Brand: HKS

Product Code: 45003-AK012

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Basic performance as a boost controller is the same as EVC6. Correction map grid point is enlarged to 10x10. Pressure correction range is increased to -180 to 180. More precise correction is possible for modern smaller sized turbo. EVC6's TFT full color monitor is upgraded for better visibility with a new color pattern. The monitor size is enlarged to 2.4inch from 2.2 inch. (The case remains in the same size.) Monitor Navigation System easily leads the user to the correct setting and logging screens. The proven Stepping Motor is utilized as a valve unit.


  • Enlarged Correction Map Grid
  • Increase Pressure Correction Range
  • Upgraded Full Color Monitor
  • Proven Stepper Motor