EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Race Front Brake Pads for 2006-2007 WRX

Brand: EBC

Product Code: DP51200NDX

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The EBC Bluestuff NDX Full Race Brake Pads are definitely a track oriented pad designed to provide optimal braking performance in high-speed and track only conditions. This brake pad features a high friction race material that can be suitable for aggressive street driving, however, they work really great on aftermarket style calipers or modern style calipers with multi-piston systems with a better release and cooling for larger rotors.

Another great feature about the Bluestuff NDX pads is the bite in cold weather conditions with a progressive brake feel with the ability to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. EBC built the NDX pads that are bonded to the steel backing plates using multiple high strength interlock holes along with a unique chemical interlayer which provides better strength to limit the possibility of pad to plate separation. 

The target use suits faster and heavier type of vehicles participating in performance driving occasions such as a weekend autocross, driver's education, HPDE, time attack, etc. Friction will build quickly in these particular pads after 2-3 stops but in real world track situations, the bedding process with the Bluestuffs may exhibit 20-25MM contact bands in the center of the disc after 4-5 laps. Some vibration may occur, but it is recommended that 200 miles of gentle use with gradually increased demand on the brakes on a safe road environment until you get proper feedback from the brakes to your liking. 

These particular pads will be for the front calipers on your vehicle.