DBA 4000 Series Drilled/Slotted Brake Rotors Rear (Pair) for 2008+ WRX

Brand: DBA

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When it's time to replace your front rotors, and you want a nice upgrade that offers better performance with more bite, then you may be interested in the DBA 4000 Series Drilled and Slotted Rear Rotors. The 4000 Series Rear Rotor contains several key features such as their T3 slot 48 precision CNC-machined slots. These slots have a tri-symmetrical curve which creates a quieter operating rotor with a smoother pedal feel. The slots create a sweeping motion under braking that wipes the surface of the rotor clean from any brake dust, debris, or hot gasses to have a premium contact patch between the pad and the rotor.

The 4000 Series Rotor also features DBA's Kangaroo Paw with a 144 diamond tear drop ventilation system. This creates more area surface coverage which promotes better dissipation while minimizing brake fade. These rotors have been crafted from XG150 High Carbon Alloy Iron which has great thermal properties to handle extreme levels of heat over long periods of time. This will minimize both warping and cracking.

These are sold as a pair and are for the rear location. 

Note: Not recommended for Track use. If you are looking for a track rotor, we would highly recommend the T3 slotted only versions of the DBA 4000 & 5000 Series.