Perrin Cone Filter 3.125" Mouth

Brand: Perrin

Product Code: X-PSP-INT-208

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(1) Cone Filter with 3.125" Mouth

Mounting Clamp



Universal application 3.125" I.D. inlet filter.
This is a direct replacement for most Subaru PERRIN Performance intake systems including the Big MAF intakes. It will also work on any intake system which accepts a 3.125" filter.

Two Piece Design
PERRIN Performance filters feature a unique two piece design allowing the user to remove the foam filter element for easy cleaning.
Please check the Inlet Inside Diameter (I.D.) of the filter are replacing as there are variations of intake design. This filter has a 3.125" I.D. Inlet.

Open Cell Foam Element
PERRIN foam filters are made of reticulated polyurethane foam which offers a minimal air restriction. The filter element is sprayed with a special oil that adheres to the foam making the poly matrix sticky to retain dirt. Foam filters do not block dirt, they grab it, suffering only minimal drops in air flow as they filter dirt, maintaining air flow levels when other filters would clog.
*red filter elements are unavailable.

Clean and Protect
Remove months of oil and grime by simply spraying on this easy to use cleaner. Just let it sit on the filter element for a few moments and simply rise in the sink. Once your filter is dry, just spray on a fresh coat of oil and you are ready to go.

Filter Tech
PERRIN Performance intake filter elements use open cell foam to capture dust and dirt. Washable and reusable, PERRIN foam filter elements can last the life of your vehicle. Foam filter elements offer superior performance with minimal airflow restriction and amazing dust holding capacity.