AMS Performance EJ25 Intake Manifold (Uncoated)

Brand: AMS Performance

Product Code: AMS.31.08.0001-1

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  • 4.5-liter plenum volume
  • 13" Equal length intake runners measured from the face of bellhorn to end of the runner
  • 2.5" (63.5mm) intake runner diameter
  • Bellhorn OD 3.8" (96.7mm)
  • TGV housing replaced with long runner design
  • Increased port size at cylinder heads allow matching to larger hand ported or CNC ported cylinder heads
  • Throttle body opening accepts larger throttle bodies up to 2.625" (66,675mm) or 70mm with mild porting
  • This version intake manifold is available with a standard orientation
  • Bottom of the center plenum features 4-1/8" and 1-1/4" NPT spots for vacuum accessories
  • Some port matching of the manifold may be required when used in conjunction with CNC or hand ported cylinder heads
  • Larger throttle bodies can be used with proper modifications (up to 70mm with minor porting, larger throttle bodies may also require adapter flanges)
  • The intake manifold is flanged for STI drive by wire throttle bodies, other models (such as 08-14 WRX) require a change to the STI style throttle body
  • Cable throttle bodies (02-05 WRX) can be used with custom fitting and flange adapter
  • Standard configuration intercooler piping will need mild custom fabrication due to placement of throttle body
  • Designed to use common Subaru AFTERMARKET top feed injector size (48mm overall length / 11mm inlet-standard Subaru rail size / 14mm outlet)
  • Not compatible with OEM subaru injectors
  • Not compatible with stock fuel rails or lines, requires aftermarket top feed rails and lines
  • Not compatible with top mount intercoolers
  • Not compatible with hard pipe stock location turbo inlets, requires silicone inlet
  • Not directly compatible with mounting the factory upper coolant reservoir