Turbosmart Internal Wastegate 12 PSI Black for 2016+ Focus RS

Brand: Turbosmart

Product Code: TS-0622-9122

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Now that you have your brand new vehicle, you may be itching for the first set of modifications. You can start by stabilizing the boost. Turbosmart has released their Internal Wastegate that features a 12 PSI spring which will allow your vehicle to have stabilized boost pressure while being able to reach full potential of your turbocharger. 

The factory wastegate actuator will utilize a soft spring which will open before peak boost is reached. This means that boost will not build up to hit target numbers overtime which means loss of power. The 12PSI spring included in the Turbosmart actuator provides a stable boost curve with improved response and less lag. 

This is a direct fitment actuator made of billet construction along with Turbosmart's arduous testing to ensure for a quality. and reliable wastegate actuator you can depend on. Additionally, this wastegate has been designed with a locking collar which allows for quick spring changes for those of you who want increased boost.