ZEX Wet Nitrous System For L4/L6/V6 Engines

Brand: Zex

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ZEX wet nitrous systems rely on advanced fuel-shear technology that places the enrichment fuel inside of the high-velocity nitrous spray cone via a special transfer tube. This ensures complete fuel atomization and maximum power. In addition, ZEX's exclusive throttle-position sensor switch "learns" the voltage curve of the engine's throttle-position sensor to activate the systems consistently at full throttle. ZEX systems come pre-assembled and tested for an easy installation. There are no brackets to install or microswitches to adjust, and jet changes are easy, too.

  • Delivery Style: Air intake tube
  • Nitrous System Style: Wet
  • Nitrous System Intended Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Maximum Advertised Horsepower Increase: 75
  • Activation: TPS
  • Jet Sizes Included (hp): 55, 65, 75
  • Dual Stage: No
  • Bottle Included: Yes
  • Nitrous Bottle Capacity: 10 lbs.
  • Bottle Material: Aluminum
  • Bottle Color: Purple
  • Bottle Brackets Included: Yes
  • Bottle Bracket Material: Steel


  • Inline 4
  • Inline 6
  • V6