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Greddy Trust Magnetic Oil Drain Plug - Subaru

IMG_0535GReddy Magnetic Oil Drain Plug: The GReddy Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is a powerful 5000 gauss neodymium magnet. The Neodymium magnet is one of the most powerful magnet on the market. The hard anodized aluminum drain plugs are available in three popular sizes to match most Japanese vehicles. By using the "GReddy Magdrain" plug, you More Info »
Price: $18.00

Greddy TRUST Subaru Oil Filter

IMG_0538[B]GReddy Oil Filters:[/B] GReddy Oil Filters use "double pleats" folding technology on the inner filter to provide a maximum filtration surface for contaminant removal. And the Sports Oil Filter adds an internal magnet filtration system to trap rust and microscopic metal particles; further protecting vital components. Ideal for GReddy GR Oil, Oil Coolers, and Oil More Info »
Price: $16.00