Built Not Bought Automotive’s 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X





  • Hooked up with xtremeboost in Orlando Florida for some prototype parts. Front Mount Intercooler, 900cc Injectors, Tubular Exhaust Manifold, Downpipe with Externally Dumped Wastegate, and a light weight, titanium rear bumper beam.


  • E-Tuned by Dino @ SpeedCircuit making 300whp on pump and stock turbo at 28psi. Added AEM Meth Injection to bump it up to 343whp. That E-tune was loaded with knock which was fixed with the added cooling of the meth.



  • Hooked up with grimmspeed for a ported turbo, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, and throttle body. In the Graph below you will see two Horsepower Plots. Red is before all the porting and Blue is post porting. Notice the Gains. = )


  • 370whp/wtq stock turbo tune at All Aspects using the Dynojet. Tuned by Kienan Webber





  • Fpred turbo Installed
  • Ams 2nd edition FMIC
  • All Aspects Motorsports Custom catback & External Wastegate Setup
  • Street tuned to 425whp @ 25 psi on pump+water/meth and confirmed on Dynojet
  • Further tuned to 30psi with power never dyno confirmed- estimated 480-500 whp



  • Defi boost gauge
  • Aem wideband
  • Greddy profec B Spec2 EBCS



  • Enkie RPF1’s 18×10.5 +15 w/ 24545-18 BFG rubber
  • Custom BAuto roof wrap- Digital urban camo
  • JDM window visors
  • Shorty antenna
  • wingless



  • Whiteline swaybars
  • D2 coilovers