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Travis Hurst’s 622WHP Eagle Talon?????

Travis Hurst’s 622WHP Eagle Talon?????

Six years ago, Travis decided that his first car would be a beast. Learning how to drive stick on a front wheel drive, and 210whp, Eagle Talon, Travis was not satisfied. Now, 6 years later, 100’s of labor hours, and a full coverage insurance policy of 30 bucks a month, Travis is rocking 622 whp in a DSM AWD Platform.

The powertrain is supported with a 4G63 2.0l, Manley Rotational assembly, Turbo Tuff Rods, and 9.1 Compression Pistons. Air is forced through a Precision 6266 Turbo with a Precision 48mm External Wastegate, and Boost is controlled by a Grimmspeed Manual Boost Controller.

Crower 272’s, Crower Valves and springs allow the new set revlimit of 8500 RPM’s. Fic 2150cc injectors, Aeromotive340lph Intank fuel pump along with Steel Braided Fuel lines feed the E85 from tank to cylinder.

The Shepherd stage 4, with a welded Center Diff, and stage 5 Spec Clutch help transfer the 622whp through the Driveshaft Shop stage 2 axels. This of course is assisted with KSport Coilovers and poly bushings through out.

Travis rolls daily on SSR 16×7’s with Hoosier quick time pro DOT Slicks 26×9.5. And he still rips third gear. Though it may appear as one, this is not simply a drag car. Travis does have the Talon equipped with a 6 point, Ramey Built, Roll Cage, and is ready for anything.

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